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Shipping, Cancellations & Returns


We strive to deliver products purchased from Jhalmuri in excellent condition and in the fastest time possible. We will deliver the order to your doorstep and a flat shipping charge will be applicable to all orders.

a) If the order is cancelled, lost or un-delivered to your preferred location, we will refund the complete order amount including any shipping charges, if paid online.

b) If you return an order delivered to you, order shipping charges will not be refunded.

*Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges.


My Order Status:

1. To keep a track of your order, please follow the below steps:-

Log in with us through "LOG IN" option or click on

2. Click on "My Account".

3. Go to "Orders" tab. Click on “Details" to check the status of your order.

4. You will find the expected shipping date mentioned beside your ordered item(s).


Delivery policy

We have a customer friendly delivery policy so that you can utilize maximum benefits while shopping with us.

Courier companies do not deliver to P.O.Box address, so we request you to provide full street address with pin code / zip code.

No deliveries are made on Saturdays and Sundays in most cities as they follow a 5 day work culture.  Further, deliveries are generally made during normal working hours of courier companies.

Simple Pricing
Pay just a flat delivery charge on all items you ordered of your choice for shipping it anywhere across USA. No calculations of weight or volume to work through.

Enjoy Free Shipping Benefits:
Free shipping value changes from time to time as per the ongoing promotion, please refer to our discount & promotion section for more details.

We do not levy any additional charges on shipping out your favorite Fashion wear.
P.S: The Government in your country of residence can impose taxes or import duties applicable on entry as per local laws.


Billing address

Billing address refers to the address, which is registered with your respective bank / credit card company. Payment will get through only if the billing address you have provided matches with the on record address of the bank / Credit Card Company.


Shipping address

Shipping Address refers to the address where you wish to get your items delivered. Please note that billing and shipping address can be different. While billing address should match the on record address of the respective bank / credit card company, shipping address may vary.

Courier companies do not deliver to P.O.Box address, so we request you to provide full street address with pin code / zip code.


Courier Partners

We have partnered with the best in class logistics company FedEx for our Domestic Shipments.


Can Billing Address and Shipping Address be different?

Yes. Billing and Shipping address can be different. While billing address should match the on record address of the respective bank / credit card company, shipping address may vary.


Can I add multiple shipping address for one order?

While we would have wished to, however, only one shipping address can be put against an order. You need to place different order(s) for different shipping address(s).


Cancellations & Returns:

At Jhalmuri, we want to make sure you have the best experience while selecting and buying your favorite Bangladeshi Ethnic Outfits and products. Despite our best efforts to keep our customers happy, there are times when you might feel the need to return your product for circumstances beyond your or our control. 
We have listed everything below about our Cancellation and Refunds policy so that incase you do decide to cancel your order, or seek refunds, you do not face an iota of a problem.


General Returns Policy

The following general returns policy is applicable to all items sold on Jhalmuri.

In general, an item may be eligible for return within the applicable return window if it fulfils one or more of the following conditions:

a) Was delivered in a physically damaged condition

b) Has missing parts or accessories

c) Is different from what was ordered

d) Is different from its description on the product detail page on Jhalmuri

Note: Products marked as "non-returnable" on the product detail page cannot be returned.

e) All items must be returned in their original condition, with price tags intact, original accessories and in the original manufacturer’s box/packaging as delivered to you. Refer to instructions to return items against each category. We may reject the return pickup if the items are not returned according to the policy mentioned against each category.

f) Only selected items by Jhalmuri may be eligible for replacement.

g) Only book is non-returnable.

h) Only damaged Jewelry item will returnable. But we will check whether the otem was delivered in a physically damaged condition or not.



Pre-Shipment Cancellations


Q: Can I cancel my order in case I change my mind after ordering?

A: Yes, you can choose to cancel all Not yet Shipped products only. We will initiate 100% refund of your money and a confirmation of the same will be sent to you via e-mail, though we would have loved to have added a new Ethnic Fashion statement to your wardrobe. Please be apprised that Shipped orders are not eligible for cancellations as they are dispatched within the receipt of order.


Q: Why no time deadline to cancel order?

A: As soon as your order is confirmed, action is initiated at our end. The process of picking, packaging, customizing and logistics start, and the ordered product in most cases has already passed through a couple of phases. Incase a garment has to be readied, or customized, the process is already underway.


Q: And what if I cancel after shipped of ordering?

A: 1) Well, we have a provision for that too but do remember - orders cancelled post after shipping are dealt with on a case-to-case basis by our Customer Care team depending on the degree of process completion.

2) We provide the refund for all such orders in the form of a Return Credit only. This Return Credit is redeemable on our Website within a stipulated period from time of issuance. 

3) Please be apprised that it takes a maximum of 2 business days, post the receipt of your cancellation request, for us to cancel your order, and send you a notification via e-mail.


Q: Could there be a delay at Jhalmuri because of "unforeseen circumstances"?

A: We try our best to assure that your ordered products are delivered to you in the promised time, but at times there are chances of delay in processing due to other unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, we will send you a formal communication requesting you to :

Accept some extra more time or

Opt to receive a refund of your money. (To know more about Refunds, please see below)


Q: Oops! I "missed" adding a critical detail while placing the order. Possibility of correcting it?

A: No worries. Such situations are often encountered when customers forget to:

                     i.            Update their complete shipping details;

                   ii.            Update measurement attributes; or

                  iii.            Verify or give their consent if required on certain pending notifications within the requested time

As a policy, we try and reach out to our esteemed customers via their registered e-mail address. In case of non-receipt of any response, we try and give them a call. We share an update on the same via email as well. 
Remember, we try and keep our customers posted at each and every stage of their order with us and it really helps to have your inputs at the right time.



Post Shipment Returns


Q: I received the order. But there's an issue. Can I return my ordered items?

A: Yes you can. At Jhalmuri, we don't believe in making customers, but strengthening our family with happy family members. We take stringent measures to deliver Fashion Delight to our customers globally, in the best possible condition but there's always a possibility that

Item(s) may get damaged during transit; or

There may be a manufacturing defect which didn't get noticed during packing; or

A wrong item is shipped out to you by mistake.


Q: How soon should I get back to you?

A: Please reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the order for reporting any complaints with regards to the product received as damaged, found with manufacturing defect, or any other issues.


Q: In what scenarios would you not accept any returns?

A: Kindly be informed that any product purchased from our ‘Sale’ Section or “Discount Offer” will not be returned under the Returns Policy except if it's an error on behalf relating to a manufacturing defect or a wrong item has been delivered to you by mistake. We do not accept any returns if the product is dispatched to us after 48 hours of receiving the product, so please make sure you report the matter to us, and dispatch the product at the earliest once we accept the return request. 

Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" Confirmation email from us; we will not be able to entertain such requests.


Q: What are the steps of returning any item ordered from Jhalmuri?


1. Informing Jhalmuri

In case you have any complaints regarding the product you have received, please ensure that you report it to us within 48 hours of receiving the product.

2. Confirmation email from Jhalmuri

You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from us on confirming a Return Authorisation, within 2-3 business days. Please do not ship items before you receive this email from us. We will be unable to process any "Items Returned" without the Return Authorization Reference.
Please note: Incase needed, we'd request you for a digital picture of the item for our internal review to be able to process your request.

3. Shipping Back the Items

    When Shipping back the items: 

a) As would be advised in our return authorization e-mail, please send the items to us preferably through a reputed, registered courier/airmail service only to avoid any transit related issues. 

b) Please try and ensure that you retain all the packaging material along with the product. Do not remove tags, stickers, etc. Unless you are sure you want to keep the product. Presence of original tags is a must to process returns.

c) Please do not forget to mark the packaging as "Defective Items for Returns" and not for sale.Item Receipt and Inspection at Jhalmuri Warehouse

As a policy, our teams shall examine the products on return and identify the defects/variation as indicated by youItem Receipt and Inspection at Jhalmuri Warehouse

 4. Item Receipt and Inspection at Jhalmuri Warehouse

As a policy, our teams shall examine the products on return and identify the defects/variation as indicated by you.

5. Proposed solutions post receipt of returned item

Post inspection of returned item(s), our Customer Care team will propose remedial solutions to you on a case to case basis:

a) Choosing an alternate Ethnic Treasure as a replacement of equal value

b) a Refund as decided on a case to case basis


Q: What will be my options if there was an error by Jhalmuri?

A: We will duly acknowledge the issue and you would always be welcome to decide from proceeding with:

a) An Item Replacement

b) A Refund of order value


Q: What will be the value of Refund?

A: 100% of the value of the goods including tax (if applicable) will be ensured.

In any case, the refunds will not exceed the actual amount paid by you.


Q: But I had to pay the courier service for Shipping the item back!

A: If we end up making an error in spite of best efforts, the extra shipping cost incurred during the return of the product will be refunded. In any other case, the Shipping Charges and other expenses would be borne by you.


Q: That’s great. But are there any reasons you might not provide me with all options or no option?

A: Jhalmuri's Customer Care representative will reach out to you with limited alternatives for below cases:

a) If you do choose to return the product for any reason apart from an inadvertent mistake from our side.

The refund will be processed in the form of a Return Credit . In case you had opted for Free Shipping scheme while ordering the item under question, the Cost of Shipping will be deducted from the refund amount.

b) If there was a Delay due to God’s or the Government’s Intervention

There are times when the delivery of the goods is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamity, public holiday, etc. In such a case Jhalmuri shall not refund, return or exchange any order on request.

c) In case you realize that you might have made an error while ordering or providing measurements, we would ask you to bear the additional charges of shipping and in very rare cases cost of replacement of fabric, if any.


Q: How long does it usually take for Returned Items to reach back to the Jhalmuri Warehouse?

A: It depends on which delivery company you choose. Exact time taken for transit would depend on the nature of the product and your location.




Q: I'm thinking about seeking a Refund. Are there any specific points to know?

A: The Refund will be initiated within 2 (business) days if you choose this option, which will be credited back to you as per your bank/credit card guidelines.


Q: And how long will the refund process take?

A: Payments and Transfers are dependent on Banks and Local Laws. We've still attempted to estimate the time it might take to get your funds reimbursed below:


Mode Of Payment Refund Resolution Time Refund Mode
Credit Card

10 business days from the Date of Initiation

Credit Card
Dedit Card 10 business days from the Date of Initiation Dedit Card
Wire-CITI 2 business days from the Date of Initiation Wire
COD 2 business days from the Date of Initiation NEFT
DBD-ICICI 2 business days from the Date of Initiation NEFT



Q: Are there any reasons there could be a delay at the Bank/Credit Card companies end?


a) For transactions made using Debit/Credit cards, the time taken for refunds depends solely on the service provider.

b) For customers transacting via Nationalized Banks, please expect a bit of delay in processing since they tend to have longer lead times.

c) Please be apprised that Banks send an SMS to customers for credit amount of more than $5000 only. In case your refund is less than $5000 kindly check your bank or credit card account confirmation receipt of funds.

d) In case you used a Coupon Code to place your order, the refund will be made in the same form. No cash refunds can be made in such a case as per governing laws.


Q. I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do?

A: We process the refund from our end within 24 hours of sending the confirmation mail to you. However the bank may take up to 10 working days to credit the amount in your account.


Q: What about charges levied by Banks, Credit Cards companies and Local Taxes?


Credit Card Fees:

Please note that Credit Card refunds involve an admin/credit card commission of 10% of the final order value (5% while accepting and 5% while refunding). This cost will be deducted from the value of the refund.

International Transaction Fees:

Cross Border or, International Transaction Fees, if any charged by the respective bank from your credit or debit card will not be refunded. Please note these are hidden charges levied by your bank on you, and not by us. Customers must contact their bank for additional information on these charges

Local Taxes:

The VAT / Custom Duty / Local Taxes / Import Duties are borne directly by the customer as per local laws, to be paid at the time of delivery as advised by the respective courier partner. We will not refund any such charges, if applicable during order delivery.


Q. Will I get a refund of the duty paid if I return the product?

A: Custom Duty / Custom Charges are country specific charges and are charged as per the rules of the local Government. It is something which is beyond our control. Thus, refund of Custom Duty / Custom Charges will not be possible.


Feeling dazed? Don't fret, you can reach out to our Customer Care Representatives for a step-by-step clarity on all points above by:


In case you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to us via mail or visit the Help Desk.