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Amar Chelebela

One afternoon sat for eating rice. My little girl had a knock on her mother for doing a dummy. She is sitting with dark face in front of the rice dish. Noone can not feed her despite persuasion. Finally I said, mother, I'll tell you a story about my childhood. If you laugh at the story, but eat rice. I started the story. She did her try hard not to laugh. Finally laughing and saying, 'If you tell your another story of childheed, then eat rice.' When I was writing my childhood memories, I went back to my childhood. As long as I wrote, the heart was covered with deep joy. Looking back, who knew that would be so colorful?

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Serina

Alex suddenly said, "Look, Shameem. There is a sudden change in man's mute, mutation is going on. So there is nothing incomprehensible about the incident. It is not possible that these mutations do not survive, we do not see examples of this scarcity. The four-meter If you can, in some way, take the oxygen intake in the chamber cells, it can also take the immunity of the skin. Neya oxygen from the water through its gills to take basa paremacha "

Tithir Nil Toale

It's eleven o'clock in the night. Tithi's house is quiet. Era-Mira in their house, the door closed. The lights turned off . Maybe lying down Or may be two sisters are sitting in the dark silently. Mr.Jafar is sitting in the veranda. The light is off at veranda. This house is a cursed house today. Tonight a girl from this house...

Aj Himur Biye

Suppose you got a telephone in the morning. Your very own relative has chosen a woman for you - the same night at 9 pm. Gradually, the bridegroom also knew that she could not agree. Because, she loves another person and he's a drug-addict. What do you do? Himu is also the same condition.

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Prodigy

It does not take much time to explain Sharmin. Where to hack, do not know, that's why the IP address was changed a bit later by the IP address of Beyonot. The security is impossible, but Sharmin knows how to go. There were various levels of encrypted security in the security. Sharmin continued to work with them. A super computer tried a few months to get it out, Sharmin did it in an hour.


Mashrafe is undoubtedly one of the best fast bowlers in the history of Bangladesh. He is the first speed star of the country. Mashrafe is one of the most successful captains in the history of Bangladesh. Mashrafee is the biggest inspiration for the country's cricketer. Not only cricketer; In the history of any nation, such people come in a century of worship. Mashrafe is an epic of Greek tragedy and mixed with Indian romanticism. Mahakobi Homer or Mahabrishi Bedabasu could capture such an epic.

Amar Bondhu Rashed

In the middle of March, Rashed one day brought a flag of independent Bengal. I did not see a dark green flag, a red ball in the middle, and one in the middle of the yellow color. Fazlu asked, what is the yellow in the middle? Like a bird! Dhoot fool - Rashed laughed, why would the birds? This is ...

Ausamapta Atmajiboni

Four articles written by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were suddenly captured by his daughter Sheikh Hasina in 2004. The books are old, the pages are tenacious and the writings are often vague. It was known to read the valuable books that it was the unfinished autobiography of Bangabandhu, which he started writing internally in Dhaka Central jail in mid-1967, but could not finish. Jail-tyranny, persecution, who returned to the countryside, dedicated to political activities - Pran, the well-known Bangabandhu who wrote his autobiography and wrote a few, this book is carrying his signature.

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Tratuler Jogot

Tratul one day returned his truckishan. Triciosan is a small electronic transmitter, it is in the body. In which one person has all kinds of information. People are not regarded as human beings without trucksion.

Big Bang Theke Homo Sapiences

From Bilión Bilion galaxy in the Universe one ordinary galaxy's name is Milky way, the star of the galaxy is the Sun, the name of the small planet of the Sun is the world. The name of the person of the world is man, using the brain of one and a half kilogram of their head, they have thrown out how this universe is created!


"Mother" is a liberation war based novel. Authors find this story from Freedom Fighters' dramatist Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu. This novel, written by one of the heroes of the Liberation War, Magfar Ahmed Chowdhury Azad, and the true story of his mother's life, was widely acclaimed and received many readership.

Srestho Kobita

Humayun Azad's five poems - "miracle easter", "burning leopard", "everything will go to the destroyer", "as deep as honey goes on top of the blue", "I was alive at other times" - poet selected himself Poetry The first edition of 'Best Poetry' was published in the North and Far East, before his questioning death, Humayun Azad's two other poems were published; There is a "turban dancer", the other "there is nothing behind". Apart from a number of selected poems, new poems and some forwarded poems are included in the two poems.

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