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Blurb on Home Junction

Blurb on Home Junction

As young entrepreneurs gleaming with ideas we started experimenting with several business concepts since the last one and half year. We wanted to do something that is socially responsible. During this time we had also been running Alokito Hridoy School located in Tangail, where the students are the children of factory workers. We treat this school as an education research-lab, where we try to innovate different ways of teaching with a low cost approach. The objective behind the school project is to be able to put an end to the culture of memorization-based learning and to develop innovators from among these deprived kids. Getting funding for such projects is not easy, however, we decided that mere finance should not stop us. So we kept exploring ideas that are socially responsible and can also help with the running of the school. After several failed attempts, we came up with the idea of doing something with jute because despite being the golden fiber that is innate to our culture and heritage, it is largely neglected. We also realized that there is a dearth of locally made home décor products in our country so people resort to imported products. When we looked further, we saw the locally made home décor products especially from jute are mostly considered to be inferior. So we connected the dots and came up with the idea of making home décor products with jute. With a contemporary and funky approach we started designing cushion covers and table runners, mats, bean bag chairs, ottomans with storage and bedspreads. Then we explored further and made beanbag chairs with cotton and seating tools with jute. In the last international women’s day we even made jute lunch bags in appreciation of hard workingwomen of our society.

At this stage, I would describe Home Junction as a nascent company that is only a year old, working with eco-friendly materials like jute and cotton to come up with different kinds home products for urban homes and it contributes a portion of its proceedings to run the school. So far, we have got tremendous response from our customers online. Our Facebook page and our presence at both the Unimart Stores help us connect with several customers and find out their suggestions and opinions. Online platform is really the future of B2C businesses in the current day and age; and we hope to focus heavily on our Facebook page and website in the days ahead.



To check out the Home Junction Pillow Covers visit the following link:

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