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Picture for category Fiction


Boigganik Kolpokahini: Serina

Alex suddenly said, "Look, Shameem. There is a sudden change in man's mute, mutation is going on. So there is nothing incomprehensible about the incident. It is not possible that these mutations do not survive, we do not see examples of this scarcity. The four-meter If you can, in some way, take the oxygen intake in the chamber cells, it can also take the immunity of the skin. Neya oxygen from the water through its gills to take basa paremacha "

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Prodigy

It does not take much time to explain Sharmin. Where to hack, do not know, that's why the IP address was changed a bit later by the IP address of Beyonot. The security is impossible, but Sharmin knows how to go. There were various levels of encrypted security in the security. Sharmin continued to work with them. A super computer tried a few months to get it out, Sharmin did it in an hour.

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Tratuler Jogot

Tratul one day returned his truckishan. Triciosan is a small electronic transmitter, it is in the body. In which one person has all kinds of information. People are not regarded as human beings without trucksion.

Blackholer Baccha

So, now we can not have any name in our school, but after fifteen or twenty years from today, there will be many famous (or notorious) people coming out of our school. Although there were many such things like football players, philosophers, serial killers, drug sympathizers, heroes, peers, top terrorists, writers or leaders, there was no scientific outcome from this school. But suddenly, there was a huge possibility of being a true scientific outpost from our Haji Mohabbatjana High School. But I do not know the possibility of this, I am sure that we still do not know yet.