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Amar Chelebela

One afternoon sat for eating rice. My little girl had a knock on her mother for doing a dummy. She is sitting with dark face in front of the rice dish. Noone can not feed her despite persuasion. Finally I said, mother, I'll tell you a story about my childhood. If you laugh at the story, but eat rice. I started the story. She did her try hard not to laugh. Finally laughing and saying, 'If you tell your another story of childheed, then eat rice.' When I was writing my childhood memories, I went back to my childhood. As long as I wrote, the heart was covered with deep joy. Looking back, who knew that would be so colorful?

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Serina

Alex suddenly said, "Look, Shameem. There is a sudden change in man's mute, mutation is going on. So there is nothing incomprehensible about the incident. It is not possible that these mutations do not survive, we do not see examples of this scarcity. The four-meter If you can, in some way, take the oxygen intake in the chamber cells, it can also take the immunity of the skin. Neya oxygen from the water through its gills to take basa paremacha "

Tithir Nil Toale

It's eleven o'clock in the night. Tithi's house is quiet. Era-Mira in their house, the door closed. The lights turned off . Maybe lying down Or may be two sisters are sitting in the dark silently. Mr.Jafar is sitting in the veranda. The light is off at veranda. This house is a cursed house today. Tonight a girl from this house...

Aj Himur Biye

Suppose you got a telephone in the morning. Your very own relative has chosen a woman for you - the same night at 9 pm. Gradually, the bridegroom also knew that she could not agree. Because, she loves another person and he's a drug-addict. What do you do? Himu is also the same condition.

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Prodigy

It does not take much time to explain Sharmin. Where to hack, do not know, that's why the IP address was changed a bit later by the IP address of Beyonot. The security is impossible, but Sharmin knows how to go. There were various levels of encrypted security in the security. Sharmin continued to work with them. A super computer tried a few months to get it out, Sharmin did it in an hour.


Mashrafe is undoubtedly one of the best fast bowlers in the history of Bangladesh. He is the first speed star of the country. Mashrafe is one of the most successful captains in the history of Bangladesh. Mashrafee is the biggest inspiration for the country's cricketer. Not only cricketer; In the history of any nation, such people come in a century of worship. Mashrafe is an epic of Greek tragedy and mixed with Indian romanticism. Mahakobi Homer or Mahabrishi Bedabasu could capture such an epic.

Amar Bondhu Rashed

In the middle of March, Rashed one day brought a flag of independent Bengal. I did not see a dark green flag, a red ball in the middle, and one in the middle of the yellow color. Fazlu asked, what is the yellow in the middle? Like a bird! Dhoot fool - Rashed laughed, why would the birds? This is ...

Ausamapta Atmajiboni

Four articles written by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were suddenly captured by his daughter Sheikh Hasina in 2004. The books are old, the pages are tenacious and the writings are often vague. It was known to read the valuable books that it was the unfinished autobiography of Bangabandhu, which he started writing internally in Dhaka Central jail in mid-1967, but could not finish. Jail-tyranny, persecution, who returned to the countryside, dedicated to political activities - Pran, the well-known Bangabandhu who wrote his autobiography and wrote a few, this book is carrying his signature.

Boigganik Kolpokahini: Tratuler Jogot

Tratul one day returned his truckishan. Triciosan is a small electronic transmitter, it is in the body. In which one person has all kinds of information. People are not regarded as human beings without trucksion.

Big Bang Theke Homo Sapiences

From Bilión Bilion galaxy in the Universe one ordinary galaxy's name is Milky way, the star of the galaxy is the Sun, the name of the small planet of the Sun is the world. The name of the person of the world is man, using the brain of one and a half kilogram of their head, they have thrown out how this universe is created!


"Mother" is a liberation war based novel. Authors find this story from Freedom Fighters' dramatist Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu. This novel, written by one of the heroes of the Liberation War, Magfar Ahmed Chowdhury Azad, and the true story of his mother's life, was widely acclaimed and received many readership.

Srestho Kobita

Humayun Azad's five poems - "miracle easter", "burning leopard", "everything will go to the destroyer", "as deep as honey goes on top of the blue", "I was alive at other times" - poet selected himself Poetry The first edition of 'Best Poetry' was published in the North and Far East, before his questioning death, Humayun Azad's two other poems were published; There is a "turban dancer", the other "there is nothing behind". Apart from a number of selected poems, new poems and some forwarded poems are included in the two poems.

Boro Hobe Jhilmil

Jhilmil can not wait for the time of when to grow up. There is no problem with what he would grow up to be. Jhilmil has decided to become grow up and will become everything together. But what can be done all together?

Jara Vor Enesilo

After returning to Dhaka from Kolkata, Sheikh Mujib jumped into the movement for the establishment of state language Bangla. The youngest Tajuddin Ahmed is also in that movement. Maulana Bhasani came to Dhaka, came Suhrawardy. Young Mujib is already popular, he was arrested repeatedly, went to jail, refused to sign for release. On the other hand Renu kept the children in tungipara. She has dedicated her husband to the country. In this context, in the year 1952, East Bengal came in Ekushey February. The characters of this novel are those who have made history.


Deyal is a Bengali political novel written by Humayun Ahmed. It is Ahmed's last book and is considered to be one of the best works by him. The period that has been projected in the wall, it is the period of extreme uncertainty in the fate of a new independent nation. Some of the characters from the novel are taken from the real, the name and the dham are all real, incident-and also part of the reality. Since the authors wrote the novel, there are some fictional characters. The story has rotated around them.

Gerila O Birongona

After March 25, 1971, Dhaka city became the free raid for the Pakistani army. In the meantime, the crack platoon warriors entered the border. Operation after the operation, they startled the blocked the city dwellers. The fortress of the freedom fighters became something of lodging. On the other hand, the struggle of the Bengali women captured by the Rajarbagh police line became luminous in their courage and heroism. Garila and Biranganga of Selina Hossain, the living gazer of the freedom fighters in the Dhaka city, the killing and adventure operation of the freedom fighters and the captured women.

Nondito Noroke

There is a change in our world. The melody has gone somewhere. Shilu wrapped all my consciousness in such a way that I could not understand anything. Mother is very silent. Doing the movement fearlessly. His frustrated outlook, all the talking and pulling down ...

Blackholer Baccha

So, now we can not have any name in our school, but after fifteen or twenty years from today, there will be many famous (or notorious) people coming out of our school. Although there were many such things like football players, philosophers, serial killers, drug sympathizers, heroes, peers, top terrorists, writers or leaders, there was no scientific outcome from this school. But suddenly, there was a huge possibility of being a true scientific outpost from our Haji Mohabbatjana High School. But I do not know the possibility of this, I am sure that we still do not know yet.

Goniter Moja Mojar Gonit

The objective of the book is not to teach mathematics, but the purpose of the book is to motivate mathematics. Here are some interesting, mysterious or interesting topics of mathematics. If the problem of mathematics is not understood, the maths are not fully understood, so there are hundreds of problems to find here. To tell the truth, some problems are not the problem of pure mathematics - arguments and logic problems.

Payer Aoyaj Paowa Jay

At Liberation War, anxiety-tension between small and big people. Women and men of 17 villages came to Matabbar. They embarrassed with their eyes. Last night, Matabbar met the Captain of the Pakistani army and assured everyone that army say people can rely on Pakistani forces. The easy-to-understand villagers can not be easily asserted. In this way the story of the dramatic events of the story goes forward. Once out of the house, the girl of Matabbar went out. In front of everyone, she said her father forced her to give her on Captain's hand over that night. Later, the heroine sacrificed her life. However, Razakar Matbbar was not saved. He was brutally killed by his pike. At this time, Paik said, 'You did not have any faith.'

Ordhek Nari Ordhek Isshari

The love of men and women is the most complex artwork. Love story can not be told if love is not a commitment. Ahmad Khalf Half Half of the Women Half of the Godly novel Love is about Love Promise. The author has presented a female character in such a lively manner, which has created women's manifestation of the world; If you read the book, it will be thought that these characters have been born from the source of the life's most experienced experience. To read in love, such as honest, sincere heart, there is another kind of devotion and honesty for talking about love.

Premer Golpo

I do not seem to lecture such stories as what I mean to love stories. A boy is telling a girl "I love you" it seems very ridiculous to me. Still, this story was not written, but those stories are of supernatural type. The story of deep love for the stone, love of idols or shadow. When the reader wants to read the story of love, then read the story of human-human relations. So, my story may be about to collide in the ground. What to do? I wrote what I did. I can not write how I can.

Elebele (1st Part)

Once upon a time, Humayun Ahmed wrote the serial 'Elebele' in the magazine 'Unmmad'. At the beginning of the 90's when he was asked to publish a book about these writings in magazines, he said, "I have written all my writings as half-baked. Why should I write separately?" Humayun Ahmed may have said that with modesty that his all writings are half-baked.

Elebele (2nd Part)

The second part of Elebele is arranged with a number of interesting fun experiences from the author's life. In this volume, the highlight of the poet Nirmalendu Gun standing in the election was very ridiculous. Sometimes the authors are very nicely presented in the writings of their writers in the face of confusing situations in a devotee's home or in the middle.

Amar Obisshas

My unbelief, stairs coming out of the bed of faith. My dilemma, daring to go ahead and keep away from ignorance. My unbelief, the truth of the truth is to crush the lies. My disbelief is not only the humayun Azad's unbelief, my disbelief, unbelief of countless unbelievers.

Amra Ki Ai Bangladesh Ceyechilam

1971 was amended in 1947; We went to the liberation war that year, established an independent country. We had a lot of dreams - financial prosperity of democracy, socialism, secularism, Bengaliism, and general public finances. We could not succeed in any dream. The slaughter of Bangladesh has been killed, the flood of blood has gone; Military autocrats came and defeated the country. At present, Bangladesh is living below the horrid clouds. Humayun Azad has described personal history and language as a result of the disaster in Bangladesh, wrote a book titled. A book publishes the pain and pain of Bangladesh's body and heart...

Iti, Tumi Kemon Acho

Eti is a fun person. He lives in the loft. Crows feed regularly. There is a secret camera in his pocket. By illustrating it, the society’s various inconsistencies, that's what he publishes on Facebook. When doing this, he brings danger. Helping her, two friends, Shara and Swati. Now it's a terrible catastrophe. The miscreants kidnapped him.

Atotaeder Songe Kothopokothon

Humayun Azad has given many interviews about literary society language and state civilization. He spoke frankly on various issues, the frankness that is rare in Bengal. Interviews have revealed that Humayun Azad is very interested in the integrity, customs, pure society and art and beauty. In the same way in the interview Humayun Azad has broken many statues, rejected many beliefs, and dreamed of a free future. Humayun Azad's concise interview summarizes the conversation with Atat-e-Islam, which will stir readers' thoughts.

Bikhover Dingulite Prem

This love story is about that time. On one hand, when there is a continuous movement against the autocratic lover boy, poet and soldier Lie J. Huh. Mu Ershad, Ershad continues to love one another, writing poetry, introducing state religion, on the other hand, young students are struggling unselfishly in the movement of their daily living-livelihood-related issues, along with the movement to restore democracy.


In the evening, the velocity of the storm began to grow. At first it was like a whirlwind, it became a real storm. The air is from east to west. Electricity stands out in the verandah and looks out. Surely today, the full moon night, the light of the moon is spreading in the sky clouds. Around like, a non-futuristic light In that light, everything looks like a real dream. One type of air is heard in the ear, the ears of the ear are heard. Who knows where the word comes from. Sometimes the roar of the sea continues to be heard. Electricity stood on the verandah and saw the wind blowing in the wind.

Shohoz Calculus

Calculus is always the opinion of me almost magic! All those who study science or technology have to learn it before and after haik. But many times, children have been working to learn some rules of using calculus. I am not interested in the beauty of her, so I wrote this book in the book for interest in the calculus of children.

Antorjatik Gonit Olympiad Proshna Abong Uttar

Mathematical science language and science development and progress holder. So mathematical exercises are important issues. This book will play a role in the education of mathematics by passing our memorandum-dependency level. To make the goal more precise - to participate in the international mathematical Olympiad, find out our small mathematician and take a special role in doing mathematics. The book covers all the international mathematical Olympiad questions and almost all the solutions from 1959 to 2003.

Vobdoher Golpo Ebong Onnayannyo

The compilation of the texts published in the paper in 2006. 1. New year gifts 2. New Bangladesh is the new Bengali language 3. You bite as a snake and blow it out 4. Thinking of Independence Day 5. The first day of Baishakh 6. Returning to a brave soul and more.

Be Smart With Muhammad

"Those who want to be special in life, this book is for them. To wear the book, there will be events in the life of the Prophet ﷺ that will inspire people very well. They will accept him as an ideal model. The life of the Prophet became more important in his life than before. We will see how he created his personality from childhood. How to tackle teenage age challenges. How to emerge as a leader in society at the young age."

Holud Himu Kalo Rab

Describe my new location. I'm sitting in a wooden chair without a handle. Can not move. My hand tied behind the back. There is no deal with that. The pain began. The tables in front of us as the Secretariat table. Three people sitting behind the table. Chengis Khan's book in the hand of middle man. She is looking at the book very carefully. It seems to be trying to find out whether there is something in the book's signature. Sometimes reading a couple of lines and ends the throats.


How many thousands of Muslim youths today have forgotten their way even after the Muslims. Someone comes back from the way of losing, someone is lost. Who comes back, how are their stories? The stories of the brothers and sisters who came back from Jahiliyyat to Dwyn were compiled by "Return".


When everyone is involved in a busy dark rally, let's step towards the light. Let's get rid of lying stones, lying on stone. Let's check the authenticity of the words of the motto of the moral motifs. Let's peep around the real face of darkness that is stuck in a closed wall of science, spreading strange philosophy that science and humanity should wear. Do you want to know the truth? Even on a lonely move to find the truth?

Joddopi Amar Guru

Everyone admits Professor Abdur Razzak is a pragmatic man. But far beyond the extent of his knowledge of science, and no matter how much he is a person, there are not many ideas for people outside a handful of folks. In spite of my reader, my guru book will help a lot in the minds of Professor Abdur Razzak's Manisha and people to create a shadow about Abdur Razzak.

Khelaram Khele Ja

A colorful novel filled with amazement of love and love 'which plays a game'. Although there is a complaint of indecency against the book, love and love are seen in human life. Babar Ali, the hero of the novel, can be seen that he is the most sexually-hungry, wants to take the bed just for the young

Hangor Nodi Grened

A Bangla Bengali novel written by Selina Hossain, a prominent literary writer of the Hangor Nodi Grened. The novel was published in 1976. In 1971, Selina Hossain wrote this novel on the true story of a mother of Kaliganj village in Jessore during the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Mujib Vai

All aspects of the life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, absolutely domestic domesticated language, have been presented in this book, in a way that can be said, incomparable. When a man becomes superhuman or extraordinary, he becomes the greatest personality in history, and then remains hidden in his domestic life. Writer ABM Musa saw Sheikh Mujib from his youth in the age of youth. In time, he came in close contact with his 'Mujib Bhai'. As a result, such aspects of the life of Bangabandhu in his book have been presented in this book, which has told us so many days outside.

Onkar The Om

The background of the novel has been developed by a simple family and family event, but the writer has been able to expand the events of the '69 coup and enter the fireworks of those times.

Tajuddin Ahmed Neta O Pita

In my childhood, my memory is filled with bright blue shades like floating clouds. He was the pioneer of an exceptional life and time. Before he knew him well, he left the world, leaving the world. He went on to the end of my adolescence and youth. Still trying to discover him, he is the companion of the memory of the childhood. Through him, we try to find the world, and sometimes find him among the infinite mysteries of the world.

Obak Bangladesh Bicchitro Cholonajale Rajneeti

From a political point of view, Bangladesh was a strong, vibrant and vivid country in the democratic movement. And financially, there was a poverty-stricken and troubled state. Bangladesh has earned the status of a low-income country in the economic field. But there is a clear shortage of good governance in the country. In international measure the democratic system in Bangladesh is endangered. In this book, in the context of economic progress, analyzes the political crisis of Bangladesh and the way to overcome it.

Pak Sar Jomin Sad Bad

In the 1960s, Bangladesh was a colony of Pakistan. Then there was a continuous flutter in Urdu language, whose first line was 'Pak Sar Jamin Saad Bad'. Bangladesh was suffering from military rule and Urdu national music. In 1971, we created an independent country through the Great War of Liberation: Bangladesh. But the power of reactionary dark forces did not allow us to move forward, but instead of going on medieval times; Taking a Bangladesh into an ill advocate Fundamentalism is now facing violence; Terror and terrorism is terrifying the country. A horror and artistic painting of her is pictured in Humayun Azad's Pak Sar Jamin Sad Bad.

Pararthaparatar Arhthaniti

In this book, fifteen articles of the author have been inserted to highlight the mainstream economics of real-life financial problems. The book begins with the economics of charity. There are also more corruption economics, political economy of reform, economics of repair and management, political economy of flood control in Bangladesh, pleasant analysis of health economics and gender-based discrimination economics. The most complex problems in the economy are two articles about economic inequality.

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